ZAVOD is an industrial metal band from Västerås, Sweden, consisting of singer Konstantin Smirnov and brothers Johan and Tomas Sannestedt.

Zavod, meaning "factory" in english, originates from the russian city Petrozavodsk, whom Konstantin grew up in. The band was formed in 2006. Inspiration was drawned from the industrial backdrops of their hometowns. This has also been a big influence when it comes to creating music and lyrics, where darkness, mysticism, heaviness and melody are a returning factor.

The ambition, dedication and strive for perfection in this three-pieced machinery can be heard and seen in both music, visuals and live shows. With a broad variation in songs and lyrics, some in english others in russian, Zavod instantly got a massive response on the local metalscene. With numerous live shows the word kept spreading, and nowadays, the band has a strong supporting fanbase with people from all over the world.